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The way we do things

Over the years, several collaboration principles have evolved. Naturally, from within the company. From coworker to coworker. These principles function as a promise that we all give each other — every day.

Our Collaboration Principles


We are brave and actively drive transformation. We are willing to learn, develop, and challenge ourselves and others.


We take ownership of decisions and results; allow and learn from mistakes. We decide what’s right for the company and then commit and deliver as one.


Guided by facts, we work towards aligned, common goals, strategies, ​and plans.


We trust, support, and respect each other, treating others the way we want to be treated.


We give and receive honest, constructive feedback and pro-actively share important information. We talk with each other, not about each ​ other. We actively leverage conflict and solve it in person and timely.


We deliver results through operational excellence, enjoy and celebrate success, as one team.

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