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Change starts with awareness; with a collective mindset that sees and understands the importance of taking social and ecological accountability. Of rethinking old habits and forming new values.

We aim to use our brand platform to impart knowledge, educate in a casual way and create a conscious community that everyone can BE PART of.

For us, the journey to sustainability is one of coming and acting together. It’s about teamwork, engagement, collaborations. And it is one that needs to be traceable.

Let’s make waves for water.

Working towards a goal is great. Working towards a goal in a team is even greater. That’s why - in December 2021 - we joined forces with Viva con Agua ARTS and Micha Fritz, initiator of Millerntor Gallery, and came up with a cool idea:

What if we brought together our visions and initiated an auction that involved even more people? What if we created something around our shared mission to save and provide clean water and made even bigger waves?

We asked street artist Bobbie Serrano to paint ten of our iconic Tom Tailor shirts. With unique designs but one common mission: create water, create a movement, create waves.

This is the

As we want you to BE PART of the movement; of those „bigger waves“, you have the chance to purchase by auction one (or all) of the T-shirts Bobbie Serrano painted. The sum collected will be donated to the water projects that Viva con Agua ARTS promotes around the globe.

Bid now and buy the T-shirt at the auction:

This is the vision.

Make water accessible for more people. Across the planet; in countries where having clean water isn’t self-evident.

And to raise awareness for a responsible use of our valuable resource. 

This is Bobbie.

Bobbie Serrano is a street artist from Hamburg, famous for his extensive wall paintings and abstract display of birds. His motto: Birds instead of borders. Transitions instead of exclusion. As a studied community worker Bobbie stands up for social equality. Fairness. Togetherness. 

This is Viva con
Agua ARTS.

Viva con Agua ARTS is the initiator of Hamburgs Millerntor Gallery. Using the power of art to raise awareness for the most relevant global issue: access to clean water for all people. Their motto: Art creates water.

Together we want to create even bigger waves.

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