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About Us

Tom Tailor is a fashion and lifestyle brand, born and raised in Hamburg. We stay true to our roots while employing up to 2950 people from over 30 countries. From Hamburg to the world!

About What Makes Us Us

We are essentially casual. We don’t only dress that way. Casual is our way of life, a deeply rooted mindset. Tom Tailor is its people. We are real and approachable. Passionate and down to earth. Diversity comes naturally to us. Quality and honesty. The straightforward, Hanseatic way.

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We are Casual.
We don’t only dress that way.

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It's how we live.

Each day we think about today. Live in the now.
And tomorrow?
We do the same.

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is complicated.
We are not.

We don’t run from ourselves.
We don’t want to be more than what feels natural. We are free to choose.

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Free to be real.

We’d always prefer „honestly normal“ over „made-up special“.

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It‘s just fashion.

A cool shirt is a cool shirt and a good fitted jeans is a good fitted jeans.
As simple as that.

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We are curious. We allow ourselves to be hopelessly amazed.
We are not too cool, too far gone for anything.

About Our Roots

We’re from Hamburg. Free and independent by nature. We choose the trends we follow. We choose which waves to dive into.

Hamburg is surrounded by water. Its blues are our biggest source of inspiration. Dark blue at times, light blue at times, green blue at times. But always reliably blue.

Designed and lived by free spirits discoverers and creators.

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