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Dive into our first sustainability report. Wave by wave by wave.

This is not an average sustainability report. It’s a sea that everyone can dive into. Without drowning in jargon, rather simply understanding what we have achieved in 2021.

Sure, it’s kind of a celebration. We are proud on what we’ve done, but it’s also a review of where we’ve fallen short. With numbers that we don’t want to hide, and facts that need to be improved.

The thing is: sustainability comes in waves. Every day we learn and initiate something new. We’re never done challenging ourselves. To BE PART of a more sustainable future. Step by step. Wave by wave.


Step onto the sand we build on.

In 2020, we started from scratch. We had to find a common ground for all our sustainability initiatives. Something that all of our departments could build on. What we needed was a vision.


So, what did we do?

First of all, we looked at what was already there. We were BSCI & BCI members, completed regular audits in our production facilities, increased the use of Better Cotton and had an animal welfare policy in place. There were also some standalone initiatives, but honestly, there was no strategy.


So, what else could we do?

We quickly realized - a lot, because sustainability is like the sea. Once you dive into it you discover its whole dimension. And this one is huge.

That’s why we began to develop a 360° sustainability strategy and defined what we wanted to focus on. We asked ourselves, ‘Which waves do we want to ride first?‘

And then we had it. Our overall vision. Our common strategy. BE PART.

WAVES OF 2021.

See how our initial goals grew into real numbers.


More sustainable products:
We set sustainable material targets for the first time and overachieved them.

Target: 74%
Result: 78%

Greenhouse gas emissions.
We evaluated a baseline as of 2019 for the first time.

453,137t CO2e


Surf through the storm with us.

If you have ever been on a surfboard, you know how subjective waves can be. When it’s windy outside even the smallest ones seem big. When you are a full pro even the biggest ones seem small. That’s why we are aware that all of you will evaluate our first waves on another level.

2021 definitely felt like a storm to us. The pandemic challenged us in many ways. Nevertheless, we kept holding on to our goals. We rode our first waves with success and are pretty happy about it.

But as we said, “Sustainability is like the sea - Its horizon is endless”. We saw this as a chance to broaden ours as well and to improve ourselves even more.


Read why we consider ourselves the real ones.

We are the casual ones. The real ones. That what we consider the truthful normal ones. We don’t hide who we are. Neither do we hide what we do.

We put transparency at the centre of all of our actions. It is no coincidence that we named this report like this. But it’s not just a cool name - It really is its substance and its core.

We believe that fashion should be for everyone, and that all people should have the possibility to retrace every production step of their clothes. We want to use this report to give you the most important information you need to know; explaining it in the most casual way. To really let you BE PART of a more sustainable fashion world.

Is transparency the same as sustainability? Definitely not.

Is it important to be transparent to make a sustainable impact?
For sure.


Discover what’s underneath the surface.

Imagine transparency like the water in the sea: When it’s cloudy and dirty, you can only see what’s on or near the surface. But when it’s clear and transparent, you can see through every layer of it and even explore the footprints on the ground.

In the fashion industry it’s just like that. The more transparent a brand is, the better you can see its full impact. At every supply chain level; all the way down to its social activities and environmental footprint.

By keeping our water clean, (speak being as transparent as we can be), we want to make ourselves accountable. And honestly show where we still need to do our homework. Because no, we aren’t done yet. There is still some room in the wide sea to improve.

Are we 100% transparent yet?
The truth. No.

Do we put a 100% effort into telling you everything we know?
Definitely yes.

Plus: We’ve already taken measures to better ourselves. You can get a detailed look at our proposed plans in our full Environmental, Social and Governance Report. Or you can simply continue reading about our vision of the future that is about people, progress, the planet. And swim with us through our transparensea.

What’s on the surface?
The fashion we make. The products. The material. The look. The feel.

And what’s underneath?
The people & working conditions in our supply chain. Traceability & transparency for everything we do. Our environmental footprint. The use of chemicals. Regenerative & closed-loop processes. Training & education. And so much more.

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