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Trainee Programs and Apprenticeships

Young ideas and a fresh breeze are absolutely essential to fashion. It’s one of the things we like the most about the industry. And we are proud of our efforts to promote young talent, a very important aspect of our company. For many years, we have been offering apprenticeships and trainee programs that allow you to transition into professional life as casually as possible.

Our trainee programs usually last 12 months, starting in March or September. During this year, you will be fully integrated into all aspects of our work. The program for “Planning“ takes 18 months. Our experience has shown that this time is needed to get honest, deep insights into the company and its processes. And when you’re through, you’ll be able and empowered to decide the next steps yourself.


Equipped with a good secondary-school diploma, you are eager to make more use of your talents. We offer you several different apprenticeships that invite you to discover yourself, refine your skills, and put them into practice. A smooth transition into professional life. Sounds good? Send us your application, and we’ll be in touch.

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Internships and Working Students

Working in fashion? Sounds amazing to many! There are countless ways to enter this complex industry. Here at Tom Tailor, you’ll surely find which one is right for you! We’ll assist you in discovering your strengths and nurturing them.

Whether in a six-month internship, as a student trainee or a graduate student, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and try things out. Your interests and abilities will shape your experience at the company. Responsible for your own projects right from the start, you are considered a full member of the team — while we are always on hand to support you. Come join us, and take your first step towards your career goal.

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