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Christina’s Story

Denim Designer

What is denim for you?

Denim is home because it has hosted me since I began working. I'm serving it, and it serves me in a way - so, it's a good relationship.

What's the greatest thing about denim?

That it gets better through time. Everything else ages and you don't want it any more. But a pair of  30 year old jeans, that’s valuable. They have a different value than any other thing.

What's your favourite part of denim making?

Designing a treatment or an industrial wash. You take a raw pair of jeans, you go to the laundry and check the treatment process with the technicians. The most exciting part of this process is when you pull the jeans out of the tank, and see the results, from raw to aged.

When is the best moment to wear denim?

I wear denim every day. It’s my uniform, it’s my thing. Blue is my favourite colour. I always have a pair of jeans on. And actually, it’s more or less how you see me now.

Advice for young denim designers?

I would say whatever you do, do it with passion. Don’t be afraid and get dirty. Because you will not sit at your desk and sketch with jeans, you will get really dirty. You need to have patience and you have to learn to wait because you never stop learning.

What is the perfect fit?

There is no ‘one’ perfect fit. There is a fit for each person. Finding your perfect pair of jeans is not easy, you need to know your body.


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Any tips on how we should treat our jeans?

A pair of jeans becomes a part of your personality. Treat it gently and do not wash it that often. For sustainability reasons, but also because it gets better as it’s worn and less washed. And keep it forever!

What are you currently working on?

Together with our partners around the world, we’re working on optimising our production and delivering a more responsible product.

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