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Lessons learnt from our little ones.

We are constantly trying to teach things to our children. We tell them everything we know. About the world. About life. About growing up. But the truth is, children are the real experts of life. They know what we seem to have forgotten.

We asked our employees, and found out which lessons they‘d learnt from their younger selves.

Sharing the same goals gave us memorable moments. As well as the realization: Those who stick together and respect each other, succeed.  As friends. As teammates. As a family.

Oliver Schröder, Director Licensing Uwe Schröder, founder of TT

My daughter shows me everyday that even the supposedly well-known things consist of a thousand beautiful surprises.

Hendrik Reuter, Director E-Commerce & Consumer Engagement

Being a mom is a daily adventure. It is my son who teaches me: Everyday holds new experiences. New understandings. New insights.

Alexandra Schrick-Pein, Senior Manager Category Management 

My daughter reminded me how authenticity actually looks like. There is no over-thinking. Or hiding. There is just her. Truely. Deeply. Real.

Reinhard Müller, Director Product Men 

Thanks to my daughters I see the world through children‘s eyes again. I look at things in a more relaxed way. And I‘ve even learnt to let go of my perfectionism.

Sophia Marie Honert, Senior Manager Wholesale Online Trade Marketing

Having children means having a deeper access to yourself. Being more present. Learning that what matters is now.

Florian Madu, Senior Manager Merchandise Planning NOS

My daughter loves to sing. Our living room is her stage. Our dog Fritzi her audience. And me? I am her biggest fan. Forever.

Gernot Lenz, CEO

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