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Keep Forever Guide

We make fashion. For everyone. For a long time. It is important for us to create real keep forever favourites.

But here's the thing: the amount of memories you create in them, is up to you. ‘Because the more you care for your clothes, the longer they live’. Our guide helps you to make the right decisions regarding textile care. Let us all be part of a more sustainable fashion world.

Wash less

Act consciously. BE PART of less. Give your clothes some fresh air instead of washing them too often. Airing is caring.

Less workload

Put half loads in to relieve your washing machine. Not only do you avoid unnecessary abrasion but you protect your clothing fibres and the environment at the same time.

More diversity

Every material is unique and wants to be respected for it. So pay attention to the care symbols and sort out your laundry before washing.

Less chemicals

It's pretty simple. Whenever you can, go for eco-friendly detergents.

Tip from the (laundry-)kitchen: Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener.

Plant Power - that’s exactly what linen is. Extremely robust and the strongest fibre in the world. There’s just one downside: Linen creases easily. We’ve outlined some of the most important tips when caring for your Linen items.

Less complex

Many consider linen complex to handle. But washing it is quite simple: turn it inside out, select a gentle cycle and hit start.

Less creases

Spray water on your dry linen before you iron it. Or hang it up in the bathroom while showering. Moisture smooths out creases in the fabric perfectly.

Better hung up

Ordinary wire hangers can leave your linen shirts out of shape. It’s best to use padded hangers instead.

Viscose is the silk of the trees. And likes to be treated accordingly. It's too sensitive for a "quick spin in the washing machine", and too delicate "for a last minute ironing". It's therefore particularly important to know how to look after, and handle it.  Follow these care tips, unless stated otherwise on the care label:

More spa

Viscose likes a good treatment, and will thank you for placing it in a mesh wash bag before its' beauty spa in the washing machine.

More wrapping

Wrap your viscose piece in a towel, for drying and lay it on your clothes horse. Never use a tumble dryer. Unless you want your piece to shrink a size.

More stretching

Viscose shrinks slightly when washed. Our tip: steam your clothing after drying. This stretches the fibres back to normal.

Cozy, brushed, soft, rough – knitwear has many textures. That's why it's particularly important to read the care label before you get yourself entangled in the wrong washing process. Here are some basic tips for taking care of knitwear:

More role model

Exemplary care also includes exemplary handling of pilling. We recommend using a clothing brush instead of the typical lint roller. The brushing motion frees up natural oils in the wool and adds a new shine to your knitwear.

More teamwork

As commendable as hand washing is, your washing machine does it better. Select a temperature below 30 degrees and lean back and relax.

More chilling

Knitwear is to be envied, it remains in the best possible shape when left lying around. To dry, simply lay it on a towel after washing. And for storage, place it on a shelf.

Less heat

Keep your knitwear cool. Never set the washing machine to over 30 degrees and avoid the iron.

Denim is robust. Denim can withstand a lot. With the right care, this fabric is able to live a long life. We know that rules are old school. But our denim rules are on point. We'll explain what you need to watch out for, so that your jeans survive more than one season.

The granny way

Do you remember how grandma hand-washed her jeans? Well, granny knows best! This option is unsurpassed to this day, if you want to wear your favourite pair of jeans as long as possible.

More quality time

The time you invest in prepping your jeans before a wash will be paid back in the form of long lasting jeans. Close the zip, button up your pants and turn them inside out. Have you forgotten a tissue in one of the pockets?

More spa

Leave your jeans in a bath of lukewarm water and soak in a natural soap for an hour. The soapy water penetrates the fibre and makes the fabric softer.

Less pressure

Even if your favourite pants are real gems – only diamonds should be put under pressure. Wash your jeans as gently as possible and avoid rubbing vigorously over the fabric.

The modern way

No matter how much we love traditions. Sometimes there just isn't enough time to adhere to granny's rules. So don't worry, you may wash your jeans the modern way, in your machine. We'll just outline some of the things you'll need to watch out for when doing so.

More coolness

Set your washing machine to max. 20 degrees, or choose a gentle cycle with cold water.

Less chaos

Sort your laundry out and make sure that only similar colours end up in the washing machine together. Dark jeans are prone to losing dye, especially at the beginning.

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