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Cause that’s what we are commited to. In the most casual way.


Where we come from and where we want to surf.

Our first garment was produced in 1962. What followed were decades of development, innovations and growth. Thereby we never lost focus. Our vision was, and still is freedom-minded apparel that meets the highest quality standards.

With BE PART we have added another approach to these standards. To push sustainability forward we are aiming for a mindful product design.

  • Better materials
  • More innovations
  • Less chemicals
  • Green denims


Better products.


We put 100% effort into replacing our current materials with more sustainable ones. For a lower impact & a higher product ecology and quality.

The ‘better material circles‘ looked nice, huh? Well, circularity always does.

But what is even nicer, is to classify those numbers and put them into context with our material guideline, which is like a college for fibres. With grades from 1 to 5. Or if you wish from A to E.

The guideline is based on research considering the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) and the Made-By Environmental Benchmark for Fibers.

To ensure that our materials meet the best industry standards, we have defined credible third-party certification schemes. There is a defined process for tracking these certificates. Our suppliers provide us with the necessary certificates, and our sustainability team is responsible for verification.

If our materials want to pass their ‘more sustainable degree‘, they need to grade somewhere between an A and a C.


like ‘a plus is always a plus‘


like ‘always try to choose these ones‘


like ‘better than the average‘


like ‘could be better. could be worse‘


like ‘dump them whenever you can‘


like ‘eeew, always avoid these‘

SeaCell™, Apple Skin, Piñatex®, FRUTFIBER™TENCEL™ LYOCELL™, LENZING ECOVERO™Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Recycled PolyesterBetter Cotton (BCI), Certified Wool (RWS)Silk, Conventional Cotton, Virgin PolyesterCashmere, Mohair, Alpaca, Real Down, Angora



Because we have a heart for Alpacas & Co.

Animals are close to our heart. That’s why we’ve already banned many animal fibres and animal derived materials, and committed ourselves to only use only those where we can guarantee that the animals have been treated well. Our Animal Welfare Policy is an integral part of our `Social Compliance Manual and Restrictions on Material` handbook.

Our products do not contain:

  • Down or feathers sourced from live-plucking or force-fed birds
  • Real fur
  • Uncertified alpaca, angora, mohair or cashmere wool
  • Leather from Indian cows or hides from any endangered species
  • Shells of animals

In 2022 we will launch our first PETA approved vegan products and we will further increase our PETA approved vegan product offer.


Read what keeps us moving forward.

We love to seek innovations. Curiosity is what keeps us moving forward. For us it’s: new day = new innovations = new waves of sustainability. Because you know, there are always plenty more fish in the sea.

Here are the ones we already discovered and the ones we want to implement next.

Already discovered aka our standardStill out there aka real innovations
Organic Cotton, BCI, recycled Synthetics (Polyester, Polyacrylic, etc.), MMCF (Lenzing Ecovero™, TENCEL™ Lyocell™), Hemp, LinenSeaCell™, Apple Skin, Piñatex®, FRUTFIBER™, PANettle™

Our aim for the future: Make innovations our new standard.


Means more of what is there to explore.

Pushing the boundaries of more sustainable products is not only a question of more sustainable fabrics. What is also important are the treatments, washes and dyeings that they get.

In 2021 we made a huge step by implementing OZONE WASH, Laser Distressing and Eco Wash to our denims. These are ways to achieve an authentic denim look while minimizing the use of chemicals.

Another step towards more sustainability: For our Spring/Summer 2022 capsule collection `The Good Dye`, we used an environmentally-friendly technique of colouring our clothing. An ecologically-optimized solution of conventional dyeing, called EarthColors® by Archroma.


What we have

2022+ GOALS

What we want to add

Restricted chemical listPositive List ('only these chemicals are allowed')
Material GuidelineTreatment Guideline



That is still blue. Curious to learn more?


We love denim. It’s our favourite fabric.
But there is one thing we like even more:
low impact denims.

These are denims that come in typical colours, whilst also being awarded green on their EIM score.

EIM stands for Environmental Impact Measurement. That’s what this score basically is: a way of making sustainability measurable within the manufacturing process.

Evaluating the four categories of water consumption, energy consumption, chemicals used and worker health and safety conditions.

The results are presented using a traffic light system. And we all know what’s best: getting the green light.

Do we always thrive for the best? Sure.
Did we derive a new goal from it? Oh, yeah.

By 2025, we want all of our denims to have been awarded `green`.

OUR 2022+

How we refine our vision in the future.

Here is what we aim to do in the future:

  • Increase our share of more sustainable products up to a minimum of 80% in 2022
  • Set EIM targets for our Denims for the first time
  • Integrate more innovative materials & treatments and make them a new standard
  • Add a ‘positive list’ to our existing ‘restricted chemical list‘ (‘only these chemicals are allowed‘)
  • Set up a treatment guideline for more sustainable washes, treatments and dying methods
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