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Tom Tailor is its people.

We all come with different stories. Own experiences. Unique memories. Everyone of us has something different to tell.

But when you listen carefully; when you sit down and focus on the unity in diversity, you will see -

there is an US in everything.

I have always had the loudest voice. I am the one you hear when stepping into a room. But you know what? No matter how strong or low. How high or deep. Each voice is of equal importance.

Benedetta Attili, 
Senior Specialist Graphic Design

The best thing about happiness, it knows no age. Look at me. I am super enthusiastic about Star Wars. Almost like a little boy. Those colourful lightsabers? They turn me into a six-year-old again.

Michael Lange, 
Senior Manager Customer Service

Speaking in public overwhelms me. But I know how to calm myself. I learnt it in my childhood.  From my parents. The ones that told me to be brave. To be honest. To have trust.

Thalke Onken, 
Director Wholesale Germany

Stable. Long-lasting. Ready to help. My optimism is and was always there for me. It is my greatest source. Of new energy. Of more confidence. Of hope.

Helga Hillmann, 
Senior Specialist Trade Marketing 

How I keep things simple? By talking about them. Freely. Respectfully. Proactively. Let‘s make our world less complicated.

Reimar Pietler, 
Senior Specialist VM Concept

It comes out of the blue. This deep feeling. This longing for exploration. An idea. A concept. A plan. Curiosity points the way. And so it happened that I ended up on a bus. On the road to London Fashion Week. Super spontaneous. In my teenage years.

Oliver Milczarek, 
Specialist Art Direction

When people hear I work in finance, they instantly think about numbers. So here are the ones I like to focus on: my 3 wonderful daughters. 2 hours of cooking for the perfect dinner with friends. And the 1 thing that always excites me: sailing.

Johannes Meller, 
Head of Business Finance & Controlling

Staying balanced. Staying calm. Staying on top of things. Only when I learnt to „stay“, did I succeed in driving things forward. 

Michelle Basedahl, 
Specialist Divisionmanagement

In 2015, I went on a camping tour in New Zealand. By myself. All I took was a small travel bag and four jumpers. It wasn‘t until then that I realized: You can be minimalistic. And have maximum fun.

Ann-Christine, Manager Sales & 
New Business WHS Online

When everybody gets a piece of cake. Of the same size. With equivalent toppings. That‘s what I call justice. Oh, and don‘t forget the whipped cream. My kids always insist on it.

Lars Offergeld, 
Head of Merchandise Management

I like to bring people together. Throw a cool party. Celebrate team spirit and trust. Everyone is invited. The best thing about it:  It‘s going to be a fun karaoke night.

daughter of our CEO 

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